Moving Ads – Black Friday 2020 Offer

Book your Moving Ads during Black Friday week and benefit from 100% additional advertising time FREE OF CHARGE!

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Black Friday 2020 Offer Special Terms and Conditions

The below terms are ancillary to the main terms of business of Moving Ads and in case of conflict, these shall prevail.

Moving Ads Black Friday 2020 Special Offer will include an additional 100% advertising time added to the Clients’ bookings free of charge, provided that:

  1. Bookings are confirmed between the 23rd and 27th of November 2020, both days included.
  2. Offer will be applied to booking confirmed for Adverts on the road until end March 2021 (excluding the additional free advertising time)
  3. The offer shall be valid on bookings for a minimum of 4-weeks of advertising
  4. A 25% deposit is paid by no later than Friday 4th December 2020.

These Special Terms as published on 09.11.2020 © Moving Ads, 2020.